Kumi Korf

Kumi Korf at Seager Gray Gallery showing Alphabet Of My Phobias an artist book. - Kumi  Korf

The Alphabet Of My Phobias, 2012

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10 x 12 x 1 in

Intaglio prints on Japanese paper, cut to square format, is folded to form pages. Folded in such a way that in order to read the text, verses of a song by Maia Vidal, one has to unfold, open, close and turn to go on reading. The words are heavy in content, exposed and hidden words demand slow reading. The text is printed by silkscreen over intaglio prints. Colors and patterns of intaglio are chosen intentionally random, each book has slightly different collection of pages. Binding style was invented for previous work but suitable again for this artists' book.