Sibylle Peretti

Sibylle Peretti at Seager Gray Gallery showing Two Genies  a porcelain sculpture. - Sibylle  Peretti

Two Genies, 2008

18 x 28 x 10 in


In my work I explore the lack of harmony between human beings, nature, and our inability of achieving a unity with the natural world. I strive to uncover hidden worlds in which a harmony can exist and heal. Children, who represent vulnerability, are placed in a diaphanous universe of potential solutions and revived through a new and intimate, perhaps mystical reconnection to nature.

While my work hovers between subjects of scientific curiosity, fairy tales and dreams, I use images of children to open our eyes to a mysterious sensibility we may have lost. My children- protagonists are immaculate in their innocence, transmitting a savage view of our own isolation. I examine the child’s identity in a world of adverse layers. The overlay and containment of irreconcilable natures - of disease and beauty, of intimacy and of distance and of innocence and knowledge - have typified the search I have found most important in my work.
-Sibylle Peretti

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