Marie Dern and Danielle Giudici Wallis

Marie Dern and Danielle Guidici Wallis Crow a handmade artist book at Seager Gray Gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area - Marie Dern and Danielle Giudici Wallis

Crow, 2012

Artist Book  
9 1/2 x 9 in

Crow is an accordion book with tree stump binding, letterpress text on mulberry paper, knitted paper bark, piano hinge, drawing on vellum and curved paper replicat- ing the rings of a tree. Danielle Guidici-Wallis explores themes of home and place in her work. Having recently moved from the Bay Area to a small desert town in Southern California, she found a note about a pet crow - lost, sight-impaired, but willing to come when called - a found poem.

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