Doug Beube

Zipper Theory - Doug  Beube

Zipper Theory

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12 x 24 x 1/2 in

altered books, collage, ink, graphite, thread, zippers

In a digital age, “cutting” and “pasting” text and images through computer software allows the author or artist to easily devise a fluid sequence. Zipper Theory: Facing Shame Tomorrow implicitly references this flexible exchange to alter concepts and points of view. The system of zippers produces a limitless set of variations, with pages able to be added, deleted, or interchanged at will. The title of the work is itself “cut and pasted” from two among the several texts used to construct the piece: Facing Shame by Merle A. Fossum & Marilyn J. Mason and In the Name of Tomorrow by Nina Karsov & Szymon Szechter.

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