Mary V. Marsh

 - Mary V. Marsh

Vertical Scroll : Unorientable, 2019

Artist Book  
96 x 48 x 60 in

The first books were scrolls, read horizontally. One drawback of scrolls was noting the location of a particular section and getting back to it. The introduction of the codex solved this problem with sequential pages. Vertical Scroll is a continuous, unending print of newspaper articles that reference aspects of the changing technology of communication. Formed into a möbius strip, it demonstrates the unorientable realm of digital reading, and the vertical scrolling that is an endless stream. Our current digital world has brought back the difficulty of getting back to something that you read online; not having a physical location affects our experience of reading. The newspaper sticks supporting the paper refer to the sharing of one physical newspaper in libraries, a contrast to many thousands reading the same digital file.

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