Kim Ford Kitz

Kim Ford Kitz at Seager Gray Gallery showing Avila Beach an oil painting of an abstract landscape in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area - Kim  Ford Kitz

Avila Beach, 2012

54 x 42 in

A commission. The painting will be oil on canvas, 54" tall x 42" wide. The colors are inspired by Rodeo Beach but with the teal color toned down. The composition will incorporate elements from Summer Village with more defined details and tighter brush strokes to add more depth and interest and may include a road but it's not to be featured prominently. Kim will begin with a sketch based loosely on the photograph. Once approved by Robin and Gary, Kim will begin painting. At 50% complete Kim will send an image and if Robin and Gary want to see it in person, a studio visit will be arranged. The same again at 80% completion. Total time is estimated to be about 6 weeks. The price is $4,000. Gary and Robin will send a check for 1/2 = $2,000 to the gallery at which time Kim will begin. The balance, including sales tax, is due at completion.