Julie Chen

Julie Chen at Seager Gray Gallery showing Cat_s Cradle a handmade artist book. - Julie  Chen

Cat's Cradle, 2013

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6 x 8 x 1 in

Cat’s Cradle is an attempt to embody musings on the nature of existence. A visual/physical design reminiscent of the children’s string game commonly known as cat’s cradle, paired with text written by the artist, illustrates the interconnectedness of subconscious assumptions that are often made about the relationship of life and death. The book opens up to 30" and is made from laser cut book cloth and paper with digitally printed type.

Cat’s Cradle is part of the Ideation by Chance exhibition in which artists set out to make a book based on random assignments from a deck of options

Here are the parameters set for this book:

Adjectives: mysterious, spiritual, encyclopaedic, organic, lyrical
Color: least favorite
Describe: narrative
Imagery: none
Layout: Across folds
Paper: neutral
Structure: innovative binding 1) tunnel book 2) magic wallet 3) nested accordions (carousel) 4) flag book 5) pop-ups 6) exquisite corpse
Technical: digital
Text: self-generated

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