Alisa Golden

Words Collide - Alisa  Golden

Words Collide, 2015

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4.25 x 3.25 in

Words Collide The six poems on the front are created from words found in order in the dictionary definitions of: meet, opposition, collision, violent, direct, oppose. Turn the bookette over to find the poems rewoven: words colliding and creating six new ones. An affair of language. A folded, open-ended slipcase made of Canson Ingres paper with a Mylar portal to the title holds a fishbone folded book (designed by Hedi Kyle) made from Nideggen paper, all letterpress printed in black, red, tan, brown and light blue ink from hand set Caslon Oldstyle and Bank Gothic condensed type. Slipcase: 3 3/4"w x 3 1/2"h - 1/4"d Book: 4 1/4"w x 3 1/4"h

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