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Brian Dettmer, born in 1974, was raised in Naperville, Illinois. Until 2006, Dettmer lived in and around Chicago, where he earned a BA in fine arts from Columbia College, Chicago in 1997. In 2006, Dettmer moved with his wife to Atlanta, where he works as a studio artist. Dettmer’s work has gained International acclaim through internet bloggers and traditional media. His work has been featured on the CBS Evening News, The New York Times (US), The Los Angeles Times (US), The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), Chicago Tribune (US), The Age (AU), Art News, Modern Painters, Wired, The Village Voice, Harper’s, Esquire and National Public Radio among others.

A large body of Dettmer's current work is created by altering books, including older dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, science and engineering books, art books, medical guides, history books, atlases, comic books, wallpaper sample books, and others. Dettmer seals and cuts into the books, exposing select images and text to create intricate three-dimensional derivative works that reveal new or alternative interpretations of the books. Dettmer never inserts or moves any of the books' contents.

Brian Dettmer Resumé


1993-97 Columbia College, Chicago B.A., Art and Design / Art History

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Brian Dettmer, October 20, 2012 - January 5, 2013
Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA-GA), 75 Bennett St NW #A2, Atlanta, GA

Brian Dettmer, April 20 – May 28, 2012
University of Maribor Library, Gospejna ulica 10, Maribor, Slovenia

Brian Dettmer, Selected Works, February – March 2012
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California Street, San Francisco, CA

Brian Dettmer, Textonomy, February 2 – March 17, 2012
Toomey Tourell Gallery, 49 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

2011 Brian Dettmer, Paper Back, November 4 - 20, 2011
Packer Schopf, 942 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL

Brian Dettmer, Altered Books, May 19, 2011 – June 11, 2011
Kinz + Tillou, 526 West 26th St., Suite 416, New York, NY

2010 New Worlds to Conquer, November 20, 2010 – January 15, 2011
Saltworks, 664 11th Street NW, Atlanta, GA

Ex Libris, May 27 – July 31, 2010
MiTO Gallery, Rosselló 193, Barcelona, Spain,

2009 Brian Dettmer- solo show at Impulse, December 3 – 6, 2009
Pulse Art Fair, The Ice Palace, 59 NW 14th Street, Miami, FL

New Mixed Media, September 1 – 30, 2009
Toomey Tourell Gallery, 49 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

Adaptations, April 3 – May 9, 2009
Packer Schopf, 942 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL

2008 Brian Dettmer, May 3 – June 14, 2008
Kinz, Tillou + Feigen 529 W. 20th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, January 31 – March 8, 2008
MiTO Gallery, Rosselló 193, Barcelona, Spain,

2007 Brian Dettmer, October 23 – November 30, 2007
Gallery One, Elgin College, 1700 Spartan Drive, Elgin, IL

Remixed Media, July 3 -– August 11, 2007
Toomey Tourell Gallery, 49 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

Postoperative, February 2 – April 20, 2007
International Museum of Surgical Science, 1524 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL

Remnants, January 15 – February 8, 2007
Harper College, 1200 W. Alqonquin Rd., Palatine, IL

2006/7 Second Nature, November 30, 2006 – January 6, 2007
Art & Idea, 529 W. 20th Street, Floor 7, New York, NY

2005/6 Altered States- explorations in media modification, December 9, 2005 – January 14, 2006
Aron Packer Gallery, 118 N. Peoria, Chicago, IL

2004 Book Work, July 15, 2004 – September 15, 2004
Digitas, 111 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL

2003 Book Work, Dissections and Excavations, November 21 – December 27, 2003
Aron Packer Gallery 118 N. Peoria, Chicago, IL

Group Exhibitions

2012 Out of Print, 9/13/12 – 11/25/12, Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA

40 Under 40, 7/20/2012 – 2/3/2013, Smithsonian Museum, Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Beaten & Bound, 5/26/12 – 8/26/12, Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Process & Perception, 1/19/12 – 2/29/12, Aurora University, Aurora, IL

2011 Pulse Miami, 12/1/11 – 12/4/11, The Ice Palace Studios, Miami, FL

Aqua Art Miami, 11/30/11 – 12/4/11, Aqua Hotel, Miami, FL

Extreme Materials 2, 10/23/11-1/15/12, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

The Future Is Not What it Used to Be, 10/8/11-11/15/11, LeBasse Projects, Culver City, CA

Bookish, 9/25/11-1/15/12, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA

S L O W Show, 9/23/11 – 10/14/11, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA

USArtists, American Fine Art Fair, 9/23/11-9/25/11, w/ Kinz + Tillou, Philadelphia, PA

BRP Paper, 9/8/11-10/16/11, Black Rat Projects, London, England

The Book: a contemporary view, 9/9/11 - 11/5/11, Towson University, Towson, MD

Modified Expression, 8/6/11 – 10/12/11, The National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

The (Un)framed Photograph, 7/6/11 – 9/10/11, The Center for Book Arts, New York, NY

Book Arts Invitational, 6/9/11 – 9/3/11, Hudgens Center for the Arts, Duluth, GA

Cut, 6/5/11 – 8/7/11, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL

Home On La Grange, 5/27/11 – 7/3/11, Jaus, Los Angeles, CA

Paperwork in 3D, 5/15/11 – 10/30/11, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT

Old Souls (Reincarnated Objects), 5/6/11 – 6/25/11, Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

T_XT_RT, 05/05/11 – 06/25/11, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY

Paper Cuts, 1/27/11–2/24/11, Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA

Movers and Shakers, 1/22/11– 3/19/11, MOCA GA, Atlanta, GA

T_XT_RT, 01/13/11 – 02/22/11, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Pushing Paper, 01/08/11 – 02/14/11, The University of North Carolina, Pembroke, NC

2010 Drap Art International Recycling Art Festival, 12/17/10 – 01/09/11, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain

Pulse, International Art Fair, 12/2/10 - 12/5/10, w/ Packer Schopf, Miami, FL

Aqua Hotel, International Art Fair, 12/2/10 - 12/5/10, w/ Toomey Tourell,, Miami, FL

The Book: A Contemporary View, 12/22/10 – 4/17/11, DCCA, Wilmington, DE

The Slice, 11/20/10 – 12/15/10, AA Gallery, London, England

Pages: Book as Medium, 11/19/10 – 1/06/11, Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Art on Paper 2010, 11/7/10 – 2/06/11, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC

The Cutting Edge, 10/7/10 – 11/12/10, Valle Orti, Valencia, Spain

The Book as Sculpture, 8/13/10 – 9/25/10, Peninsula School of Art, Fish Creek, WI

Altered Books, 7/9/10 – 10/9/10, Artspace, University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

Skin, 6/10/10 – 9/26/10, Wellcome Collection London, England

Holland Paper Biennial, 6/06/10 – 9/12/10, Museum Rijswijk, Rijswijk, Netherlands

Swab, International Art Fair, 5/13/10 – 5/16/10, w/ MiTO Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Paper Cut, 5/07/10 – 6/20/10, KOP, Graphic Design Festival Breda, Breda, Netherlands

Foro Sur, International Art Fair, 4/29/10 – 5/2/10, w/ MiTO Gallery, Caceres, Spain

Open Book, 4/05/10 – 6/15/10, Eastern Michigan University Art Gallery, Ypsilanti, MI

Substitute Teacher, 3/05/10 – 5/16/10, The Contemporary, Atlanta, GA

Hi Fructose 5th Anniversary Show, 3/13/10 – 4/04/10, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Beyond Words, 1/17/10 – 5/30/10, Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI

2009 Slash: Paper Under the Knife, 10/07/09 – 04/04/10, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY

Valencia.Art, International Art Fair, 10/01/09 – 10/04/09, w/ MiTO Gallery, Valencia, Spain

On, Of or About: 50 paper works, 09/22/09 – 10/22/09, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Prozess, 8/17/09 – 8/21/09, Lyons Wier, New York, NY

Arte Santander, 07/22/09 – 07/26/09, w/ MiTO Gallery, Santander, Spain

Bookmarks, 07/16/09 – 10/09/09, Gallery Walk at Terminus, Atlanta, GA

All American, 07/11/09 – 10/31/09, Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, UT

A Flood of Pictures, 06/19/09 – 08/01/09, Saltworks, Atlanta, GA

4th International Festival of Illustrated Books, 06/02/09 – 06/06/09, MiTO Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Deviate, 05/22/09 – 06/27/09, Schroeder Romero, New York, NY

Next, International Art Fair, 05/01/09 – 05/04/09, W/ Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL

Papershapers, 04/11/09 – 05/20/09, Scion Space, Los Angeles, CA

Inappropriate Covers, 04/11/09 – 05/24/09, Brown University, Providence, RI

Novel Ideas, 03/7/09 – 05/31/09, Oakville Galleries, Toronto, Canada

The Book Borrowers, 02/24/09 – 06/14/09, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA

All Over the Map, 02/15/09 – 05/09/09, Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI

Cutters, 02/08/09 – 06/07/09, Hunterdon Museum, Clinton, NJ

Cutters, 01/29/09 – 03/14/09, Hunter College, New York, NY

Market, International Art Fair, 02/13-15/09, Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 Pulse, International Art Fair, 12/4/08 - 12/7/08, w/ Kinz, Tillou and Feigen, Miami, FL

Bridge, International Art Fair, 12/4/08 - 12/7/08, w/ Toomey Tourell,, Miami, FL

Bridge Berlin, International Art Fair, 10/30/08 – 11/02/08, w/ Toomey Tourell, Berlin, Germany

Scope, International Art Fair, 10/16/08 – 10/19/08, w/ MiTO, London, England

Banned & Recovered, 8/15/08 - 11/26/08, San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco, CA

Ten, 7/1/08 - 8/31/08, Toomey Tourell, San Francisco, CA

swab, International Art Fair, 5/15/08 - 5/18/08, w/ MiTO Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Domestica, 4/5/08 - 5/4/08, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Pulse, International Art Fair, 3/27/08 – 3/30/08, w/ Kinz, Tillou and Feigen, New York, NY

Bridge New York, International Art Fair, 3/27/08 – 3/30/08, w/ Toomey Tourell, New York, NY

Art Madrid, International Art Fair3, 2/13/08 - 2/18/08, w/ MiTO Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Selects, 1/24/08 - 2/16/08, Romo Gallery, Atlanta, GA

HereThereEverywhere, 1/19/08 - 4/6/08, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

2007 Pulse, International Art Fair, 12/5/07 - 12/9/07, w/ Kinz, Tillou and Feigen, Miami, FL

Aqua, International Art Fair, 12/5/07 - 12/9/07, w/ Haydee Rovirosa Gallery, Miami, FL

Flow, International Art Fair, 12/5/07 - 12/9/07, w/ Toomey Tourell, Miami, FL

Bridge London, International Art Fair, 10/11/07 – 10/14/07 w/ Toomey Tourell, London, England

Toronto International Art Fair, 10/25/07-29/07 Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Urtopia, 8/09/07 - 09/02/07 Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Another Story, 8/12/07 - 10/07/07 Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Balelatina, International Art Fair, 6/13/07 - 6/17/07 Haydee Rovirosa Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

Singularity in the Communal Tide, 5/13/07 -715/07 Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ

Clarence Morgan, Nancy Blum, Brian Dettmer, 4/26/07 -06/02/07 Romo Gallery, Atlanta, GA

MACO méxico arte contemporáneo, Art Fair, 4/25 - 29/07 Haydee Rovirosa Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

Bridge, International Art Fair, 4/26/07-4/30/07, Packer Schopf and Toomey Tourell, Chicago, IL

Red Dot Fair, International Art Fair, 2/23/07-2/26/07, Toomey Tourell, New York, NY

ARCO, International Art Fair, 2/15/07 - 2/19/07, Art & Idea, Madrid, Spain

2006 Scope Miami, International Art Fair, 12/7/06 - 12/10/06, Art & Idea, Miami, FL

Bridge, International Art Fair, 12/7/06 - 12/10/06, Packer Schopf Gallery, Miami, FL

Scope London, International Art Fair, 10/12/06 – 10/15/06 w/ Art & Idea, London, England

Soft Opening II, 9/8/06 - 10/20/06 Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL

Brian Dettmer and Mark Crisanti, 6/17/06 - 7/8/06 Aron Packer Gallery- Michigan, Three Oaks, MI
Silk Road Oasis, 6/01/06 - 9/30/06 Chicago Tourism Center, Chicago, IL
Interregno, 4/27/06 Art & Idea, Mexico City, Mexico

MACO méxico arte contemporáneo, Art Fair, 4/26-30/06 Art & Idea Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

Art Chicago, International Art Fair, 4/28/06 - 5/1/06, Aron Packer Gallery, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

Reconstructing the Mundane, 3/17/06 - 5/05/06, Unit B Gallery, San Antonio, TX

Heart Pounder, 2/11/06 - 3/05/06, Hotcakes Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2005 Just Good Art, Show + Auction, 10/24/05 - 11/12/05 Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Project Storm, Auction, 10/8/05 Mackey Gallery, Houston, TX

Think Small!, curated-Robert Sill, 9/10/05 – 2/3/06 Illinois State Museum Lockport Gallery Lockport, IL

The 4th Book & Paper Arts Triennial, 7/15-8/27/05 Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, IL

The Chicago Solution Show, 6/1/05 - 6/25/05 ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL

Living Artists Invitational, 6/2/05 - 6/30/05, Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art Chicago, International Art Fair, 4/29/05 - 5/02/05 w/ Aron Packer Gallery, Butler Field, Chicago, IL

Think Small!, curated-Robert Sill, 3/20/05 - 7/31/05, Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL

2004 The Affordable Art Fair, International Art Fair, 10/28/04-10/31/04 Pier 92, New York, NY

Think Small!, curated-Robert Sill: 10/17/04 – 1/14/05 Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery, Chicago, IL

Disparate Visuals, 2/14/094 -3/11/04 Northern Michigan Univ. Art Museum, Marquette, MI

2003 The Affordable Art Fair, International Art Fair, 10/29/03 - 11/03/03 Pier 92, New York, NY

New Vibrations, curated- Thomas Plum, 10/3/03 - 11/8/03 A & D Gallery, Chicago, IL

If you don’t follow the creative process you screw up, 8/1/03 - 9/1/03 Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL
Politics as Usual, Group Show: 7/16/03 - 8/23/03 Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, IL

Zounds, curated- Jeremy Biles, 3/9/03 - 4/19/03, The Hyde Park Art Center Chicago, IL
2002 Somewhat Small Works, 12/13/02 - 2/8/03, Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, IL

Just Good Art, Show + Auction, 10/28/02 - 11/02/02, The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Sofa Chicago, International Art Fair, 10/24/02 - 10/27/02. Aron Packer Gallery, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Sound Canopy, Curated- M.W. Burns, Organized by The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Natural History, 5/02 – 6/02. Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, IL

2001 Pilsen Winter Show, 11/02, The Soda Pop Atrium, Chicago, IL
Cabaret Xcentric, 10/01-11/01, South Bend Regional Museum of Art, South Bend, IN

Outfield, Group Show: 10/01 - 11/01, ATC Space, Chicago, IL

Barking Dogma, 10/01 - 11/01, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL

Men, 6/01 - 7/01, Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert, MI

Chicago Art Invitational, Juried- Gregory Knight, 5/01 – 6/01 Judith Racht Gallery Chicago, IL

2000 Going Postal, 12/00 - 1/01, St. Louis Florissant Valley College, St. Louis MO

Rhymes and Rhythms, 9/00 - 11/00, ArtWorks, New Bedford, MA

Artists of the New Millennium, Juried- James Yood, 8/00-10/00 Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL

11th National Exhibition, 6/00 - 7/00, Viridian, New York, NY

Small Works, 4/00 - 5/00, Harper College, Palatine, IL

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Awards, Lectures and Workshops

2011 Award – MOCA GA Working Artists Project
Lecturer – Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington, DE
Lecturer – Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
Lecturer and Juror – SCAD-Atlanta 4th Annual Artists’ Book Symposium, Atlanta, GA
2010 Lecturer- Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
Lecturer/ Visiting Artist- University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
2009 Workshop Instructor- Self Employments for the Arts Conference, Lisle, IL
Lecturer- Atlanta Pecha Kucha, Atlanta, GA
Lecturer- O’More College of Design, Franklin, TN
2008 Lecturer- Gadsden Public Library, Gadsden, AL
Award- Gadsden Annual Gala Award for achievement in the arts, Gadsden, AL
Lecturer- Kent State University School of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent, OH
2007 Lecturer- Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL
Workshop Instructor- Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA
Lecturer- Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA
Feature Artist- Illinois Art Education Association, Illinois
Lecturer- University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Lecturer- Harper College, Chicago, IL
2004-08 Lecturer- Columbia College Center for the Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, IL
2003 Juror- Columbia College, Hokin Honor Exhibition, Chicago, IL
2001 Award- First Place- Barking Dogma, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL

Selected Collections

Public The Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, IL
John Buck Company, Chicago, IL
Collección DKV, Spain
Fundación Sorigué, Spain
Harper College, Palatine, IL
The High Museum, Atlanta, GA
Microsoft, U.S.A.
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, GA
The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Private Beck (Beck Hansen)
Allan Chasanoff, New York, NY
Joel and Lori Dunlap, San Antonio, TX
Ruth Horwich, Chicago, IL
Tom Perkins, San Francisco, CA
Jason Pritzker, Chicago, IL
Joel Ross, Chicago, IL
Kiff and Rod Slemmons, Chicago, IL
Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Miami, FL
Bud and Pat Smothers, San Antonio, TX

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