Brigitte McReynolds

Brigitte  McReynolds

Brigitte McReynolds

Brigitte McReynolds Description

Brigitte McReynolds was born in Rosenheim, Germany and studied in Munich and Italy. She moved to California in 1989 and immersed herself in painting and printmaking. She lives in Sonoma with her husband and daughter and returns to Germany and Italy every year to continue her work in painting and monotype.

McReynolds brings a fresh approach to figuration with her bright palette and fluid, sensual drawing line. Working from abstraction, creating broad, layered areas of color, McReynolds finds her figures in the process of painting. They begin to develop personalities of their own. Her figures are decidedly feminine and their powers transform the space. McReynolds is a disciplined painter who loves her materials. She has honed her instincts over many years of exploration and arrived at a place where she is confident in taking risks and letting the works resolve themselves.

Brigitte McReynolds Statement

My work is a continuous investigation of abstraction and the exploration of the human form. It is a visual diary, a “paper trail” of a process, spontaneous yet deliberate, personal yet universal.

Working both figurative and abstract is what I love to do. When I work on a theme, like stripes for example, I explore it in oil, acrylic and encaustic, working figurative and abstract until it exhausts itself, or leads to another theme. I apply what I’ve learned, from working with shapes, forms and lines in my abstract paintings, to find the simplicity that is needed for abstracting a figure. Similarly, my abstract work profits from my figurative experience.

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